SimplyBlessed Lotus Lily of BestView
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby DOB: 9/26/19

Lily came to us from Lori and Beth Bearry at Simply Blessed Bengals. Many thanks to them for this lovely girl. Lily is a high energy, affectionate cat. She has such a sweet temperament. She has huge beautiful green eyes and a nice short thick tail. Her pattern flow needs some work, but we love her low set nose. She has the best voice of all the cats – even her heat calls are slightly less grating than the other girls’. She also has super reliable and easy births and bounces back from pregnancy and nursing like a rubber ball! She’s happiest when pregnant and is a great (yet defensive) mom. We’re going to pair her up with BestView Squall to hopefully straighten out her pattern and double down on the big eyes and low set nose. We expect to retire her after 1 or 2 more litters. Check back in Fall of 2023 if interested in giving her a forever home.

Golden Alliance Beatrice – RETIRED DOB: 7/29/17

Beatrice is a Seal Mink Bengal. She has great pawprint pattern rosettes and nice horizontal flow. She also has a ton of glitter and is smooth as silk! She is super chatty and a very sweet cat.

Thank you to Sami Kerr at A-Kerr’s Bengals for these great photos!

Akerrs Take A Good Look AKA: “Takara”
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby
DOB: 7/2/20

Takara came to use from Akerrs Bengals all the way in Ohio! She has a gorgeous coat that is very soft. I just love her big eyes!

BestView Chim Chim CheRee (“Ree”)
Seal Lynx Point Spotted Tabby
DOB: 11/28/2021
Dam: Rainforest Chim Chimeree
Sire: AngelsIAm Cloud

Ree is full sister to Roo. Ree also has that great horizontal flow she got from her mom, Rainforest Chim Chimeree. Ree carries one of the genetic components needed to produce charcoal patterned offspring. She is incredibly sweet and soft spoken. She likes being carried around and will happily purr away when you hold her like a baby. We love the look of her muzzle and she also has a checkered tail! We’re very excited to see what she produces with the right male.

BestView Beatrix (Upcoming Queen)
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby
DOB: 5/7/2022
Dam: Golden Alliance Beatrice
Sire: Arkham Cheesecake

Beatrix, like her mom, is an absolute stunner, pattern/markings-wise. She has such rich color to her coat and dark black outlining to her rosettes. While she could be better on “type”, her personality and markings alone make her a keeper for us. The goal would be to get her gorgeous pattern onto a “typier” cat. It’ll be a while until she’s ready to be a mom, but we’re excited to see what we’ll get when pairing her to a “typier” male like AngelsIAm Cloud or BestView Chim Chim CheRoo.

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby
DOB: 4/14/2022
Dam: Rainforest Chim Chimeree
Sire: AngelsIAm Cloud

Ghanima is an absolute attention hog. She loves people and will beg for pets. She is full sister to Roo and Ree but has a very different, high energy personality. We love her low set nose and big eyes.

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