Simply Blessed Lotus Lily of BestView DOB: 9/26/19

Lily came to us from Lori and Beth Bearry at Simply Blessed Bengals. Many thanks to them for this lovely girl. Lily is a high energy, affectionate cat. She has such a sweet temperament. She has huge beautiful green eyes and a nice short thick tail. Lily was bred to AngelsIAm Cloud and had her first litter was on May 28th, 2021. She had 5 healthy babies!

She is expecting another litter with Cloud and is due December 25th, 2021!

Rainforest Chim Chimeree DOB: 9/24/17

Chimeree came to us from Jaen Treesinger at Rainforest Bengals. Jaen produces some of the best looking Bengals in the world and we feel very fortunate to have Chimeree, who is exemplary of the Bengal breed.

Chimeree is a sweet girl with great type. She should pass down some outstanding wild looking traits to her kittens. We’re exited to see what she produces!

Chimeree was bred to Cloud and had 5 healthy kittens on November 28th, 2021!

Golden Alliance Beatrice DOB: 7/29/17

Beatrice is a Seal Mink Bengal. She has great pawprint pattern rosettes and nice horizontal flow. She also has a ton of glitter and is smooth as silk! She is super chatty and a very sweet cat.

Thank you to Sami Kerr at A-Kerr’s Bengals for these great photos!

Akerrs Take A Good Look of BestView AKA: “Takara”
DOB: 7/2/20

Takara came to use from Akerrs Bengals all the way in Ohio! She has a gorgeous coat that is very soft. I just love her big eyes!

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