Current Litters

Below you’ll find kittens from our current litters. When a kitten becomes available to reserve, we first reach out to our waitlist before making them available to all. Our Facebook Page – BestView Bengals has many more pictures and videos of kittens and we usually post available kittens to our Facebook page before we post them to our website. To reserve a kitten, we require a non-refundable 10% deposit that will go towards the price of the kitten. The remaining amount will be due at the time of pick-up or delivery. If you are interested in a kitten and would like to get on our waiting list, please fill out the Kitten/Cat Adoption Questionnaire and we will usually get back to you within 24 hours. We require a response to our initial email after filling out the questionnaire to be officially added to our waitlist. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Kitten pricing:
Marbled: $1800 and up
Spotted: $2000 and up
Rosetted: $2500 and up
Factors considered when pricing kittens:
Glittered vs. Non-Glittered
Type/Exemplary of the standard

SimplyBlessed Lotus Lily + Arkham Cheesecake

Lily Green Girl – Glittered Brown Spotted – RESERVED
DOB: 8/14/2022
Price: $2200
See Lily Green Girl’s picture album on our Facebook Page
This girl has a beautiful silky smooth glittered coat. She loves to play and purrs the instant you touch her! She is super sweet!

Lily Pink Girl – Glittered Brown Spotted
DOB: 8/14/2022
Price: $2200
See Lily Pink Girl’s picture album in our Facebook Page
This girl also has a silky glittered coat. She and her sister love chasing each other around and giving each other baths. Pink girl always comes running for some pets! She is a purr machine!

Lily Yellow Girl – Glittered Brown Spotted – RESERVED
DOB: 8/14/2022
Price: $2400
See Lily Yellow Girl’s picture album on our Facebook Page
Lily Yellow Girl has a very nice horizontal flow to most of her pattern. Her spots are beautifully two-toned, almost enough to look like rosettes. She is confident and outgoing and loves humans. Her coat is glittered and silky smooth; she’s a stunner!

Lily Brown Spotted BoyRESERVED
DOB: 8/14/2022
Price: $2000
See Lily Brown Spotted Boy’s picture album on our Facebook Page
This boy is such a cool colored brown that he almost looks silver. He has a way different look than his sisters in that he has a definite wild appearance. His eyes are HUGE and nicely set in his head. He has a strong chin and prominent puffy nose leather. He is a bit of a shy guy, not as outgoing as his sisters. He loves playing with all the other cats, but can be initially cautious with humans. We’ve been working with him daily and now while he still might shy away from your hand, once he gets some pets, he realizes he quite likes it. We suspect he’ll take a little longer to bond with his humans, but will be a loving cat once he’s comfortable in his new home with his very own family.

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