Retired Adults

From time to time, we have adults that are retiring and looking for their forever home where they can be spoiled with individual attention. Any available adults and their prices are listed on this page.

AngelsIAm Tifa of BestView Reserved DOB: 5/19/19

Tifa is reserved.

Tifa was our first queen, but never had a litter. After a few unsuccessful matings, she developed an infection in her uterus and had to be spayed. We were devastated, as she has the most loving personality of all the cats and she’s probably the smartest. She has a great wild look to her and LOVES playing fetch. We originally wanted to keep her as a pet but our 3 pet cats just aren’t having it – and Tifa deserves to be spoiled. She likely needs to be the only cat in the house for a while but once she feels she’s “home”, she will be ok adding another cat. She’s high energy and CONSTANTLY runs on her wheel so I’d like there to be a wheel in her new home. I want her to go to the perfect home and I don’t want price to be a barrier to that, so I’m only asking $500 for her. Please contact us if you think you could give her the loving environment she needs.

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